Hanging Radiometer

Updated: 02/24/17 09:46:00 PM

You can easily change the look of your sand picture just by giving it a little shake.

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When you need to find a gift that your boss or your co-workers will be pleased with, you can feel confident shopping our online store.

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If you are looking to fill a large space, we offer a Bali garden that is 60 inches tall and will draw the eye of people passing by.

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When you need to add some color to a room that is pale, you can perk it up with a colorful Galileo thermometer. We specialize in corporate orders and can accommodate your need to impress your clients and business partners.

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Many people wonder just how to read a Galileo thermometer, so it can be quite a conversation piece when it is on your office desk.

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The liquid inside the glass tube of the Galileo thermometer has no place to go but to go up or down.

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We have a large variety of specialty gifts that are designed with executives in mind. If you are thinking of decorating your walls with something unique, check out our line of beautiful deco panels.

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Our stainless steel gazing chains can be ordered with just a few glass spheres, or you may order one with up to 16 spheres.

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Both men and women are excited when they receive a unique gift for their home or office that you chose from our online gift store.

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Our wooden Galileo thermometers are beautifully designed to make a perfect Christmas gift for someone special on your list.

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A pretty gift for someone who loves animals would be one of our animal shaped magnifying glasses.

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We offer eye-catching, stunning, beautiful pieces of art for your home or office that are affordable and classy.

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When glass is fused together, it is done in a specialty oven called a kiln that has temperatures ranging from 593 degrees to 816 degrees Celsius. Another name that people call a radiometer is a light meter, since it has parts that are moving because of light and heat.

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You will enjoy browsing our online store when you need a unique item for the focal point of your fireplace mantel.

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You may not know that a radiometer is a device that can measure the flux or power of electromagnetic radiation.

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If you love things that have birds on them, you will fall in love with our black bird deco panels.

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We offer a beautiful scrolling pattern screen cutout that will give your room a custom decorated look. If you need to buy a gift for a master gardener, you will find browsing the garden area of our site a delight.

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If you know someone who collects magnifying glasses, please share our site and let them know about our lovely twisted glass handles. If you are thinking of decorating your walls with something unique, check out our line of beautiful deco panels.

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When you make a globe available and accessible in your home, your children will enjoy learning about people who live in different countries.

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The name gazing chains bring thoughts of a peaceful, calm, and relaxing afternoon in your garden. You can share stories about people with different cultures and customs when you share a globe with your children.

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When you are able to shop from the comfort of your own home, there is no need to go out in the cold weather to shop for gifts. We have a selection of beautiful kaleidoscopes that make great gifts for executives or for just about anyone on your holiday gift shopping list.

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If you want a gift that is classic, you can choose a ship in a bottle with either white ships or gold ships. If you have a lake house and you're looking for the perfect mantle piece, look no further and buy a ship in a bottle today.

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Teen or college age students will enjoy receiving one of our sand pendulums or sand pictures as a special gift. If you need a gift for someone who is elderly and doesn't watch a lot of television, they may really enjoy making designs in the sand with one of our pendulums.

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Kaleidoscopes and magnifying glasses are beautiful gifts to give to a special teacher when the school year is over.

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hanging radiometer